Tracsis Completes Blue Flag System Upgrade at Class 1 Mainline Refueling Facility in Texas

05 February 15

Tracsis completed the Blue Flag System upgrade at a North American Class 1 mainline refueling facility located in Temple, Texas.

The upgrade includes the installation of multiple new bi-directional Blue Flag Indicators along the tracks to provide protection to employees during refueling tasks, and Field Control Panels that are strategically located within the facility for efficient operation of the BFI system by verified personnel.

Tracsis Blue Flag Protection system allows customers to automatically apply and remove BFI’s and block tracks to avoid routes lined over these tracks, when operated in conjunction with a yard remote control system. The system also allows the customer to handle multiple users’ protections on the same or multiple tracks for enhanced safety.

Tracsis Field Control Panels are hardened, outdoor rated, hardware-based control devices custom designed to provide field personnel with an intuitive remote control user interface. A numeric keypad for personnel PIN authentication provides security and controls access based on individual authorization and other user configurable parameters.

Tracsis RADiANT™ spread spectrum data radios are used to provide reliable and secure communication between the field and control locations.

Tracsis DOC is a single, off-the-shelf system that seamlessly integrates control solutions. Designed to be completely extensible and expandable, DOC’s modular architecture allows railroads to add, remove or enhance modules with no negative impact on performance or stability.