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Track Warrant Control (TWC) & Direct Traffic Control (DTC)

Tracsis provides non-signalled territory dispatching under the GCOR, CROR and NORAC rule sets. This state-of-the-art solution includes:

  • Full conflict checking
  • Automatic completion of warrants, train sheets, forms and bulletins
  • Temporary speed restrictions
  • Track Out Of Service alerts

This functionality makes it the most advanced dark territory control system in the industry today.

Key features of Track Warrant Control and Direct Traffic Control

  • User-friendly graphical user interface (GUI)
  • Easy and safe track warrant supply with point-and-click and auto-fill functionality
  • Ability to manage train resources straight from the GUI
  • Validation and conflict-checking processes
  • Electronic track warrant for work crews

User-friendly controls

Tracsis TWC system offers mainline dispatchers a graphical interface to perform their normal operations. This user-friendly tool allows them to perform tasks in the safest and most effective way possible. The system will easily manage the dispatcher transfer process, the supply of track bulletins and other track and employee protections. Importantly, actions will be customisable and based on the railroad’s specific rules of operation. This means the system can easily handle multiple rulesets; ideal for railroads that operate different rules in different subdivisions or territories.

Additional DOC modules

Alongside the graphical user interface, the dispatcher can access additional DOC modules to help with: train calls, sheets, resources, delays and weather factors.

How it works

The operation’s carried out centrally via an arrangement of DOC servers and workstations (based on your dispatching needs). Thanks to DOC’s architecture, the TWC system can be used in conjunction with other DOC applications for mainline train control, e.g. Centralized Traffic Control. Importantly, this is without the need to purchase additional infrastructure. Tracsis CTC system is available on a client-server architecture or hosted as Service-as-a-Software on the Tracsis cloud.