Someone inspecting a train track.

Digital track warrant

The Digital Track Warrant mobile app ensures increased safety and productivity of maintenance crews across the US rail infrastructure.

Ensuring increased safety and productivity

Digital Track Warrant (DTW) is a mobile app that provides rail workers securely authenticated approval to access safe track points. DTW facilitates progressive digital change across the US rail infrastructure. Watch this short video to find out more:


Tracsis - Digital Track Warrant introduction

The DTW app is an innovative, digital authorization solution that removes the risk of human error to improve operational safety and performance.

Digital Track Warrant solves problems

DTW is a railroad digital solution that offers significant safety and operational efficiency benefits.

  • Increases maintenance workers protection and improves safety culture
  • Reduces manual paper processes to increase efficiency and save time
  • Reliably reduces human error by avoiding misinterpretation
  • Gives assurance by ensuring that the dispatcher and maintainer have the same information
  • Increases accuracy and accountability by logging all transactions

Digital Track Warrant’s key advantages

Our talented people have created the technology of the future, to improve operational safety and workflows today.

  • Remote connectivity to the dispatcher for requesting track authorities
  • Crews save time by requesting and issuing track warrants digitally at their own convenience
  • Cost-effective future-proof digital solution that is ready to use
  • Provides greater accuracy as compared to the existing voice based process
  • Integrates resource planning to keep trains moving efficiently and increase work capacity

Digital Track Warrant’s key features

  • Mobile app

    Security authenticated mobile and web based application

  • Digital Process

    Digital transmission replaces the need for a voice (spoken exchange) to process track authorities for work crews

  • Accuracy

    Maintenance workers have clear and accurate information to select their track authority limits

  • Seamless integration

    Seamless integration with Tracsis DOC® platform, leveraging the full capabilities of all forms and verification processes

  • Geofencing

    Geofencing to enhance the user experience and collect data based on the actual location of the DTW user

A team repairing a train track.

Key features

  • Mobile Application
  • Secure Authentication
  • Field employee selects location and limits of authorization
  • Digital transmission can be bypassed for traditional radio requests
  • DOC System auto-fills form with track bulletins/special instructions
  • All messages and changes must be acknowledged by the recipient
  • Seamless integration with DOC
  • In-form message exchange
  • Dispatcher confirms limits and track warrant lines
  • DOC runs its validation and conflict-checking processes