A birdseye view of a train yard.

Yard automation

Getting cars to the right destinations on time.

Less dwelling - more productivity

Essentially, efficient rail operation comes from fluidity. It's about continuously keeping cars moving on schedule and towards the right destinations. That's why Tracsis automation solutions have been designed to:

  • decrease car dwell times
  • ensure employee safety
  • increase the throughput of yards and terminals.

How it works

The automation of a modern rail yard involves integrating a variety of components and devices; core systems tasked with enhancing the safety and productivity of all facets of rail operations. The yard automation system can be controlled from tablets or ruggedised kiosks with large touch-screens.


Tracsis Rail Technology Solutions

Our solutions

Tracsis Integrated Automation provides railroads and rail-served industrials with a roadmap to continuously improve their yard and terminal fluidity. From auto-routing to heater control, we've got a number of solutions to help ensure your operation runs smoothly and safely.

Remote Control & Routing

Remote control switches and other assets allow for quick and easy train routing through yards or terminals. This increases both the efficiency and safety of an operation. Because rather than relying on a worker to enter potentially dangerous track space and manually throw each device, an entire route can be lined instantly with the push of a button. Scalable, configurable and safe.

Multiple freight trains in a yard.

Blue Flag and Track Protection

Tracsis remote control blue flag automation system increases both safety and productivity. It automates blue flag protection for workers performing inspections, repairs, or refuelling operations. What's more, it eliminates the need to drive to both ends of a protected zone. No more manually adding and removing blue flags, adjusting derails, and lining the switches away. So, more time - spent safely.

A train at stopped at a traffic light.

Remote Heater Control

Tracsis remote heater control system is the most efficient way of operating and monitoring multiple switch heaters, snow melters, and third-rail heaters. Importantly, it does it all from a central location. This is great because centralized remote control dramatically reduces manual labor and energy costs, whilst increasing reliability and safety in the process. Perfect.

A train track covered in snow.