Tracsis Completes Cutover of New Interlocking Location for a Class One Yard Located in Indiana

11 March 15

Tracsis has completed cutover of a completely new switch interlocking at a North American Class 1 yard located in Indiana. Each switch machine or crossover in the interlocking can be controlled individually or in combinations to set entrance/exit (NX) routes through the yard.

Control to this interlocking is being provided by the DOC system over a combination of fiber and serial radio networks. Tracsis DOC® is a single, off-the-shelf system that seamlessly integrates control solutions. Designed to be completely extensible and expandable, DOC’s modular architecture allows railroads to add, remove or enhance modules with no negative impact on performance or stability.

Tracsis is responsible for providing I/O switch controllers at four bungalows in which all new switches are wired. Each bungalow is also outfitted with a field control panel. Tracsis field control panels are hardened, outdoor rated, hardware-based control devices custom designed to provide field personnel with an intuitive remote control user interface. A numeric keypad for personnel PIN authentication provides security, and controls access based on individual authorization and other user configurable parameters.