Tracsis ships first production units of its recently launched Expandable Automation Controller

06 May 15

Today and for the first time Tracsis has shipped the first production units of its newly launched controller platform, the Expandable Automation Controller (EAC).

In a mission to support the continued growth of Machine to Machine (M2M) technology and its large scale applications in the rail industry, Tracsis developed its new smart controller platform from the ground up. Without requiring humanto-computer interaction to transfer data over the network, the EAC, coupled with other innovations, marks Tracsis first steps towards the Internet of Things (IoT) and remote monitoring for rail.

The EAC plays a key role in Tracsis mission to become a leader in smart analytics, as it enables direct access, data collection, and support for all connected field devices within the rail yard. This new platform also comes with added benefits to customers that currently benefit from Tracsis yard automation solutions.

“Today we are able to proactively monitor and remotely troubleshoot our customer’s installations to ensure proper performance of their communication networks, computer hardware, and control systems. With the EAC, we can also communicate to field devices at a ground level to monitor and perform remote diagnostics and troubleshooting. Something that our customers highly value given the cost of system downtime, the location of the assets within the yard, and the risk associated to having a person working in proximity to the tracks.”, Paola Realpozo, Director of Marketing.

This newest generation of controllers allows customers to achieve economic savings as they deploy new installations and manage inventory of spare parts. Its expandable IO capability allows integration of multiple embedded applications, so now it is possible to add more functionality to the EAC beyond remote switch control. The controller platform uses the same device to enable multiple applications to give the EAC its unique functionality. Customers can keep an inventory of “generic” EAC’s that can be repurposed to a wide variety of needs at a later time, allowing for an easy inventory management. Once an EAC is installed in the field, its auto-discovery capabilities provide a seamless integration into the installed system.

“Tracsis continues to innovate by investing in research and development and capitalizing on our hardware and software expertise to create new and compelling products. We are entering the new smart data space with solutions that will provide great and quantifiable benefits to our customers.”, Andy Kunzmann, Chief Technology Officer.