Class 1 Yard at Buffalo, NY Selects Tracsis’ Automation Solution for Switch and Snow Melter Control

11 January 16

Tracsis has been selected to replace an obsolete control system with its DOC® system at a Class 1 yard in Buffalo, NY. The system will be an upgrade to a modern computer-based operation of the receiving sections of the facility.

Tracsis’ automation solution will allow yard personnel to remotely control 68 switch machines, individually or combined, to set routes through the automated sections of the yard. The system will also control existing snow melters in the switch locations. Yard personnel will control the system using a DOC workstation located in the Operator Tower.

Remote switch control is achieved by integrating Tracsis’ proprietary yard automation platform DOC to control the operation of power switch machines and snow melters, and displays switch positions, routing information, and power and snow melter status. The DOC system interfaces with other systems and components providing control, communications, indication, and over the switch (OS) protection.

Tracsis’ ip RADiANTTM Ethernet-based radio communication network will link the DOC system with the field control points.

This yard will take advantage of the DOC System’s remote control platform for increased efficiency and safety of the operation. Other benefits include the energy cost reduction of energizing the switch snow melters only when necessary, and from a remote location.