A control room with lots of computer screens.

Centralized Traffic Control (CTC) Dispatching

RTD (Regional Transportation District)  provides public transportation in 8 counties, including Denver. This public agency caters for the transportation needs of over 3 million people. RTD Denver services include bus, rail, shuttles and demand responsive services.

RTD opened its first light rail in 1994. In 2016, RTD Denver launched the A Line, the area’s first high-speed commuter rail line. There are 12 rail lines with 78 stations across the region.

What Tracsis Did

Tracsis works with RTD Denver to supply their Centralized Traffic Control (CTC) Dispatching system. RTD Denver chose Tracsis CTC Dispatching due to the fact that this system gives dispatchers a full view of all signals and SCADA elements with complete visibility and control.

Tracsis CTC Dispatching is designed with a user-friendly graphical interface and is highly configurable to ensure safety, accuracy and efficiency. In addition, the user interface shows dispatchers a full status view of all signals, switches, track circuits and SCADA elements out in the field. The dispatch system also integrates with the customer’s train schedule information and will display each train’s on time performance. 

This allows dispatchers to comprehensively control the system, including transparent, consistent switch and signal control.  With an easy to use system, dispatchers can click on signals to change or click on switches to enact control. Such a service empowers dispatchers with full visibility and management over operations on the mainline track.

With CTC Dispatching, signals are electronically connected to supervise and organize incoming and outgoing trains in terms of speed and overall train movement management for increased safety and consistent, reliable operational services.

Benefits include:

  • Reduced risk of human error

  • Safe and consistent rule set enforcement

  • Assists dispatchers in issuing safe train movement authorities

  • Train schedule performance tracking

  • User friendly controls

Tracsis is the leading provider of software-based rail automation solutions. To make your rail network safer and more efficient, contact us.