An RGPC locomotive.

Dispatch - Rio Grande Pacific Corporation

Founded in 1986, Rio Grande Pacific Corporation is a privately-owned railroad holding company based in Texas. RGPC provides a comprehensive suite of services, including managing regional freight railroads, signal construction and design, passenger operations, and dispatching services.

Rio Grande Pacific serves a dynamic market in both the short line and transit industry, with 140 freight customers, many of which are Fortune 500 companies, and four short line railroads spanning 700 miles in six states.

RPGC owns 6 internal railroads and also provides service support to other external railroads.

What Tracsis Did

Rio Grande Pacific Corporation needed a completely consistent and reliable dispatch platform to deliver their services and support those of others. The company selected Tracsis’ Dispatch system to confidently underpin their services and deliver enhanced requirements for busy railroads safely and on time.

One of RPPC’s key services is outsourced train dispatching, where the Rio Grande Dispatch Center uses the Tracsis Dispatch software to support primary and backup rail dispatching for 11 short line and commuter railroads. This platform also enables more than 1,100 crew starts and issues around 1,800 monthly track warrants.

Tracsis DOC Dispatch System helps RGPC to combine different trains, rulesets and territories through one comprehensive platform covering all of their mainline train control needs for ultimate flexibility and efficiency.

Rio Grande Dispatch Center maximizes critical DOC Dispatch capabilities to easily integrate into third-party platforms and databases, increasing their ability to share mission-critical information across their whole organization.

Benefits include:

  • Reduced risk of human error

  • Train schedule performance tracking

  • Safe, consistent rule set enforcement

  • Dispatchers able to issue safe train movement authorities

  • User friendly controls

Tracsis is the leading provider of software-based rail automation solutions. To make your rail network safer and more efficient, contact us.