Train holding container cargo, with the Mexico national flag painted on.

Yard Automation

Ferromex is the largest railroad network in Mexico, with more than 10,000km of track covering all key Mexican regions and connecting with the rest of the world through 8 ports and 6 borders. In addition, Ferromex has the largest fleet of locomotives and railcars in the country.

To support such a comprehensive rail system, Ferromex has various railyards that require trustworthy and resilient technologies to ensure the reliable and smooth running of their rail network. Ferromex selected Tracsis’ Yard Automation to control switching in their three main yards, the largest having around 60-70 switches.

What Tracsis Did

With thousands of switching movements taking place every day in Ferromex yards, the company needed a yard automation system that could be depended upon to ensure the smooth running of the yard and keep the environment safe.

Ferromex decided that Tracsis’ Yard Automation was the right choice to meet this goal because we could provide clarity, safety and simplicity with our yard automation solutions. Yard masters have the ability to remotely control yard switches with a screen featuring a graphical representation of the yard to support clear, safe and effective switch control.

With a simple design and user-friendly interface, Tracsis’ Yard Automation design enables yard masters and switch controllers to focus more closely and accurately without screen distractions. In fact, with an optimal appearance of simple lines on the black screen, yard masters state that the clarity and simplicity supports their switch control precision.

As Ferromex’s yards are used to control the logistics of their rail network, highly accurate switch control is essential and this is what their partnership with Tracsis provides. Inside their busy yards, trains consistently move in and out, are broken up and then reorganized so they can continue on to their next destination with the help of a truly reliable Yard Automation system.

Benefits include:

  • Yard incident reduction

  • Safe and secure remote control

  • Increased yard throughput

  • Improved employee safely

Tracsis is the leading provider of software-based rail automation solutions. To make your rail network safer and more efficient, contact us.