Train yard.

Heater control for switch and ballast - Path

This project’s primary objective was to provide the Port Authority Trans-Hundson’s Harrison Yard in New Jersey with a brand new wireless remote heater control system.

This turnkey control system included the Tracsis heater controllers, which communicated to a central office via a dedicated data radio network.

The Tracsis Heater Control System combines our heater control infrastructure with the innovative Domain Operations Controller (DOC®) System. This combination means Tracsis’ Heater Control System is engineered to provide railroads with unheard of flexibility. Essentially, it allows them to remotely control any type of heater on the market today.

System breakdown and benefits

The DOC System is a commercially available and off‐the‐shelf control system. That means it typically requires no unique design or modifications to meet the required operating specification. Tracsis’ Remote Heater Control Systems allow railroads to cut energy costs, reduce the time employees spend along the track, and improve overall system performance.

Project summary

Solution delivered

Tracsis’ control system for Path consists of:

  • 63 x heater controllers with control coming via the DOC system

  • 92 x high voltage heater enclosures

Firms involved

  • Tracsis, LLC

Project size: Over $1.5 million