Port of Long beach.

Port of Long Beach and Port of Los Angeles

The Port of Long Beach and Los Angeles, situated in Southern California, are two of the most influential gateways for international trade in the United States. Together, they form a significant nexus of commerce, handling about 40% of the country’s total containerized import traffic and 25% of its total exports.

The ports are serviced by the Pacific Harbor Line (PHL), a short line railroad with 115 miles of track.

What Tracsis Did

To support the continuous and smooth operation of the port, Tracsis worked with the Port of Long Beach to provide a remote control switch system for the Pacific Harbour Line (PHL). Initially, the project was specifically for one busy yard, but has expanded incrementally to encompass larger sections.

Tracsis’ remote control switching has transformed efficiency and productivity at the port. This system allows train crews to switch tracks independently using handheld radios (DTMF) by keying in an authorised code as they are driving, enabling them to switch tracks. The Tracsis Yard Application software system is used to provide this solution.

On-site activity information is received and stored in the PHL control office within Tracsis software. PHL can easily access this data from the control tower and can take over if there are any issues. A clear advantage is that there is control over distant switches with full visibility and comprehensive management of train traffic.


● Created significant cost efficiencies

● Expensive CTC system not required

● Clear visibility without intensive CTC system

● Flexibility with how switches are controlled

● Improved overall track and employee safety

● Tracsis acting as a safe, responsive CTC replacement system

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