Aerial view of containers and cranes at a port

TraPac Port of Los Angeles

TraPac is a container ship terminal serving the Port of Los Angeles and began operating in 2015. It is renowned for being one of the most automated and busiest terminals in the U.S. and across the world. TraPac’s work is accelerated by automation, from operational systems to driverless trucks: a terminal powered by AI technologies.

TraPac selected RailComm’s system to service their On-Dock Rail operation. The terminal was built with the system in 2015 as the newest terminal in the Port of LA.

What RailComm Did

As the terminal was specifically designed with the RailComm switching and safety system fully integrated, productivity, safety and efficiency were inherent from the beginning.

The designers conceived the most automated terminal possible and RailComm gave the terminal the capability to comprehensively control On-Dock Rail. RailComm is the terminal’s switching and safety system of choice.

The RailComm system works by controlling the left and right switch software and the track. Within this system, Blue Flags (LED indicators) indicate that the track is in a protected status while automated Derails provide physical protection.

These technologies support stronger protection for employees and the track system overall with:

  • Blue Flag signals that show people are working on the train, either loading, completing inspections or repairs and offers resilient visual protection.

  • Derails that block the track for safety purposes to offer physical protection by ensuring trains are not able to enter it.

All of these systems are controlled, run and delivered through RailComm’s system in the cloud (Microsoft Azure) which also creates a smoother workflow, due to the fact that there is no server maintenance. Instead, the IT department can focus on the 24/7 seamless running of the system and quickly fix any issues.


● Enhanced terminal automation boosts productivity

● Increased safety for employees

● Cost efficient

● Reduced risk of human error

RailComm, a Tracsis company, is the leading provider of software-based rail automation solutions. To make your rail network safer and more efficient, contact us.